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Our society’s built environment presents many challenges and opportunities, particularly in a world where critical infrastructure is rapidly being transformed by frontier technologies. Frontier Technology Lab (FTL) is a resource for collaborative exploration of the far-reaching impact of these emerging technologies, as well as their compound effects. We convene and engage experts across disciplines to analyze the global effects of frontier technologies and their combinations, toward the goal of a sustainable future.

Frontier Technology Lab is part of Stanford University’s School of Engineering and Doerr School of Sustainability. Administered by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEE), Frontier Technology Lab supports the department’s vision of creating sustainable solutions for cities, communities, and nature to thrive, by connecting the university community, as well as leaders from across academia, industry, and government, to illuminate the compounding effects of new technologies.

Frontier Technologies For A Sustainable Future

At Frontier Technology Lab, we bring together experts and stakeholders in the latest frontier technologies—such as microelectronics, AI, blockchain, advanced manufacturing, and quantum sciences—to understand the potential of these technologies. Large-scale opportunities include building resilient infrastructure, improving the development of our built environment, and creating more equitable cities. At the same time, society must encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns, with responsible use of the natural environment. These efforts will be aided by technologies that make it possible to deliver more affordable, equitable, and reliable natural resources like water, energy, and minerals, as well as technologies that ensure more secure and optimal supply chains.

We focus on the application of frontier technologies to such challenges, breaking new ground at the frontier of what is imaginable. These areas have transformative potential to change our society and create a sustainable future.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
Internet of Things and Connected Technologies
Autonomous and Advanced Robotics


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Metaverse
Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Token Economy
New Energy Systems and Climate Innovations
5G/6G and Advanced Communications
Biotechnology, Advanced Life Sciences, and Future of Medicine

What We Do


We convene experts from across industries and the Stanford campus to develop interdisciplinary understanding of frontier technologies and their impacts towards a sustainable future.

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Our faculty co-directors work with students in the classroom, frequently incorporating expert guest speakers from across academia and industry. 

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Frontier Technology Lab aims to strengthen Stanford’s interdisciplinary research culture with its focus on cross-technology innovation with frontier technologies. 

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Contact Us

Contact us to get involved with activities at FTL.  

Frontier Technology Lab   
The Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2)   
473 Via Ortega, MC 4020   
Room 292B   
Stanford, CA 94305